The Hampden Series 2 Integral Horsepower Machine System 2HP Machine Accessories are as follows:
HPT-100A Photo Tachometer w/ feedback signal
DC-MS-2 DC Manual Starter
WRSC-300 Wound Rotor Speed Controller
ACSS-2 Synchronous Motor Starter
H-PSC-DM-3 Dahlander Motor Switch
SFR-3 Series Field Rheostat
REM-LC-D Load Cell with digital readout
HMR-NR-22016 Mobile AC/DC Power Supply (shown)
H-LS-3PST Load Switch
H-MB-60 Mobile Table with shelf
H-TS-60 Test Stand for machine mounting

MPR-1 Mobile Machine Pallet Rack
H-PTC-50AA Positive Temperature Coefficient Control Module
H-MTP-1 Machine Thermistor Protection, 1-phase, DC
H-MTP-3 Machine Thermistor Protection, 3-phase, DC
H-OSC-2 Overspeed Cutout Switch
W-WW-2 Worm and Worm Wheel Assembly



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Series 2 - 2HP System


The Hampden Model H-MGI-REM Motor-Generator Interface Module provides an all-in-one solution for interfacing motors and machines with computers.


The Hampden Series 2 Integral Horsepower Rotating Machine System 2HP Miscellaneous are as follows: 
SYN-300B Synchronizing Switch with Meter
H-TB-3PB Pushbutton Switch Panel
1290B-6C Dissectible Transformer with HC-1290 Case (shown)


The Hampden Series 2 Integral Horsepower Machine System 2HP Meters are as follows: 
DCVA-300 Portable DC Meter Panel
ACVA-300 Portable AC Meter Panel
ACHZ-120/240 Portable Frequency Meter (shown)
ACWM-3Ø-Y Portable 3Ø Wattmeter

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The Hampden Series 2 Integral Horsepower Machine System 2HP Machines are as follows: 
DM-2 DC Machine
SM-2 Synchronous Machine (shown)
IM-2 Induction Motor, Wye-Delta
WRM-2 Wound Rotor Motor
DYN-2 Electrodynamometer
H-TG-2 Tachometer with cover
DSDM-2 Dahlander Motor
MFM-2 Multifunction Motor
REL-2 Synchronous Reluctance Motor
DSIM-2 Dual Speed Induction Motor


The Hampden Series 2 Integral Horsepower Machine System 2HP Loads are as follows: 
HMRL-3 Resistance Load
HMIL-3 Inductance Load
HMCL-3 Capacitance Load
VIL-2 Variable Inertia Load 
(HMRL-4.2 Resistance Load shown)