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​East Longmeadow, MA 01028

​(Toll Free) 800-253-2133 or 888-HEC-CORP

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Hampden Engineering offers a wide variety of heating system trainers appropriate for use in high schools, vocational schools, junior colleges, and industry. Our trainers provide students with hands-on experience with gas, oil, and electric furnaces, oil and electric boilers, forced air heating, and circulating hot water heating. Through the use of our trainers, a student will learn to maintain, diagnose, and correct problems that may arise throughout the entire system. Training programs offering this type of hands-on experience have a distinct advantage over text-based classroom programs. Hampden Engineering systems are fully equipped and carefully arranged to provide maximum accessibility to the student. All equipment and hardware is of commercial quality and is typical of that encountered in the field by the service technician. Please view the DATA FILE for complete brochure information.