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The Hampden Model H-R-SCR-1A Thyristor Circuits Trainer and H-R-SCR-2 Power Electronics System provide students with the opportunity to investigate diode rectifier circuits and AC and DC controlled power circuits utilizing silicon controlled rectifiers (thyristors) with resistance, capacitance, and unijunction transistor (UJT) triggering. Both models contain all of the diode rectifiers, SCRs, UJT triggers, control potentiometers, and resistive and reactive loads needed for thorough understanding of uncontrolled, half-controlled, and full controlled half-wave and full wave rectifying circuits, both single phase and three-phase. The H-R-SCR-2 extends the study of thyristor circuits into computer-controlled power electronics with the addition of an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter and gate and cathode controls with interface provided through a DB-25S connector, suitable for connection to a computerized data acquisition system.



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