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The Hampden Model GNR-H2200 Industrial Controls Training System provides students with practical "hands-on" experience in designing, wiring, checking out, and troubleshooting "real-world" motor control systems. The Hampden Industrial Controls Training System consists of a melamine covered wood core panel, on which are mounted interchangeable unitized control modules. The student selects just the components needed for a particular system, secures them on the panel with wing nuts and wires them in accordance with the control diagram. All pushbuttons, contactors and other control components are suitably rated for use with 1HP motors. See attached data sheet for modules available and a typical complement of Hampden Model GNR-H2200 modules.
GNR-H2200H Float Switch Module
GNR-H2200J Selector Switch Module
GNR-H2200L Timer Relay Module
GNR-H2200M Pilot Light Module
GNR-H2200P Magnetic Reversing Starter Module
GNR-H2200Q Limit Switch Module
GNR-H2200S Induction Motor
GNR-H2200VFD Variable Frequency Drive Module
GNR-H2200DCMC Solid State DC Motor Controller
GNR-H2200ML Micro Logix 1000 PLC Module
GNR-H2200G-2C Same as GNR-2200G but includes an interchangeable 120 VAC coil
GNR-H2200C-2C Same as GNR-H2200C but includes an interchangeable 220 VAC coil
GNR-H2200SP Induction Motor with prony brake
GNR-H2200LR Latching Relay
GNR-H2200AR Alternating Relay
GNR-H2200MX GE Pilot Light Module
GNR-H2200ML-2 Micro Logix 1200 PLC Module
GNR-H2200SPM Single Phase Motor
GNR-H2200DCM Shunt Wound DC Motor