Product Details

MODEL #H-6910-12A Wind Tunnel The Hampden Model H-6910-12A Wind Tunnel has been designed to provide the fundamental air flow facilities necessary to perform any of the H-6910-12A Series Wind Tunnel Experiments. This unit is mobile so that it is suitable for either a lecture hall demonstration or laboratory work.

  • H-6910-12-5X Manometer Package Option
  • H-6910-12-6 Manometer Package Option
  • H-6910-12-10 Bernoullis Equation Apparatus Option
  • H-6910-12-25 Free Jet/Flow In Bends Demonstrator Option
  • H-6910-12-40 Boundary Layer Demonstrator Option
  • H-6910-12-55 Lift and Drag Force Demonstrator Option
  • H-6910-12-70 Pressure Wing & Rake Option
  • H-6910-12-71 Wing with Slat and Flap and Load Cell Interface Option
  • H-6910-12-72 Pressure Cylinder Option
  • H-6910-12-73 Flutter Wing Option
  • H-6910-12-80 Probe Accessory Package Option
  • H-6910-12A-CDL (as shown) Computer Data Logging Option (LabVIEW w/o software)