MODEL # H-IRT-1 Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

Product Details

MODEL # H-IRT-1 Industrial Refrigeration Trainer The Hampden Model H-IRT-1 Industrial Refrigeration Trainer consists of industrial refrigeration components completely factory assembled and wired. It is designed to provide training with larger commercial and industrial refrigeration systems which require water-cooled condensers (tube-in-tube and shell-in-tube), electric and hot gas defrost systems, cooling towers, hot bypass capacity control systems, crankcase pressure regulators, crankcase heaters and pressure pumps.

  • H-IRT-1-CDL Industrial Refrigeration Trainer with Computer Data Logging & Software Option (R-134a)
  • H-IRT-ACC (shown) Air-Cooled Condenser Accessory
  • H-IRT-EC (shown) Evaporator Chiller
  • H-IRT-FP-18E (shown) Electrical Fault Package Option
  • H-IRT-FP-M Mechanical Fault Package Option
  • H-ACTK-CT Cooling Tower Accessory
  • H-RST-DMB Digital Manifold with Bluetooth Option